James Billings

James Billings Trust Expert

Dear Investor,

You arrived at this page after seeing some of my video content online about business trusts. It was placed in front of you on purpose because we might work together.

Whether you know it or not, your most valuable assets are likely visible on the internet – a business, real estate or brokerage account. This is especially true if you use a government sanctioned entity.

The Secretary of State publishes details on your corporations, partnerships and LLCs. The County Recorder publishes details of your real estate holdings. All this public information online is a breadcrumb trail to your assets – unless you use a Business Trust.

Why have professional advisors failed to advocate or present you with a solid asset privacy plan? It’s because they don’t know how. They still claim corporation or llc offers privacy – yet only for stockholders and shareholders. But what good is that if the asset itself is visible online? It’s a hollow fantasy.

Business operates on tight margins and confidential information. A competitor with inside knowledge of your operations is a powerful offense. Stealth and cunning are often critical to winning the game. Only a business trust strategy can assure your privacy.

The truth is too valuable to give away for free. The internet era has changed asset search and so must your approach to asset protection privacy.


Key Points

Assets are Valuable Data = Theft Risk

Avoid Secretary of State Fraud & Disclosures

Make yourself a Tough Target for Opportunists

Get a Stealth Bank or Brokerage Account

Keep Outsiders Guessing


This is how it works

The business trust package is $10,000 USD complete

You get strategic guidance, all paperwork, EIN and banking secrets

Title Review and Strategies for all your Asset Holdings


No money due until we both know 100% this is the right solution for you.

The only way either one of us can know – is to get acquainted a little. So if you’re interested, let’s schedule a time to talk.

We’re in the privacy business and often with high profile investors. We value your privacy and keep relationships confidential.

If we both agree it makes sense to move forward, we will. And if not, that’s okay too.


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