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Dear Investor,

You arrived at this page after seeing some of my video content online about business trusts. It was placed in front of you on purpose because we might work together.

Whether you know it or not, your most valuable assets are likely visible and searchable on the internet – a business, real property or brokerage account. This is especially true if you use a state government sanctioned entity.

The Secretary of State publishes revealing personal data on your corporations, partnerships and LLCs. The County Recorder publishes details of your business real estate holdings, liens and leases. All this public information online is a breadcrumb trail to map your assets.

This is why savvy investors are quitting corporations and LLCs for the Business Trust.

Why have professional advisors failed to advocate or present you with a solid asset privacy plan? It’s because they’re unaware, don’t know how, or both. They might mention corporations and LLCs offer privacy – but only for stockholders and shareholders. What good is that if the “asset itself” is a solid blip on the radar screen? It’s a hollow fantasy and unsafe.

Business operates on tight margins and confidential information. A competitor with inside knowledge of your operations is a powerful offense. Stealth and cunning are often critical to winning the game.

Corporations and LLC’s are not what they used to be. The internet and data mining has changed everything. It’s very easy to find your assets these days.

Your truth is too valuable to give away for free. Only a business trust can anonymize your assets. This is not about asset protection – this is about asset privacy – your best form of protection.

Or combine the Business Trust with your existing LLCs, Corporations and Living Trust. Optionally used as a three legged stool, they can all work together to give you liability safety, tax benefits and privacy.

This is how it works

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Business Trust Package

The Business Trust Package is $10,000 USD complete

Business Trust Package

You get Strategic Guidance, Paperwork, EIN, and Banking Secrets

Business Trust Package

You also get a Privacy Review of Your Portfolio

  • No money due until we both know 100% this is the right solution for you.
  • The only way either one of us can know – is to get acquainted a little. So if you’re interested let’s schedule a time to talk.
  • We’re in the privacy business and often with high profile investors. We value your privacy and keep relationships confidential.
  • If we both agree it makes sense to move forward we will. And if not, that’s okay too.

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